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AddIn Manager

Dec 1, 2009 at 9:48 PM

Hi there,
i am completely lost and unsure whether MEF is useful for my purpose or not. I hope someone can help me.
I want to write a module-based application with an "AddIn-Manager" that should also be an addin. It should decide at startup which of the AddIns in a specific folder to use and which not to use. I have no need to recompose at runtime.

My first possible solution is:
I add two projects "AddInManager" and  "Contracts" to the VS2010-Solution with the main-project. The AddinManager-Project exports a method (imported in the main app) to find addins and decide which to use. It returns these addins as a TypeCatalog (over an Interface in Contracts). The returned catalog can then be composed in the main-project. Somehow i think there are better ways to do that because the addin-method as well as the interface need the Composition.Hosting reference only because of the TypeCatalog-Type. 

I would be glad if you can tell me whether returning a catalog is a good idea or not and whether MEF suits to my project at all.

best regards,

ps. you have done really great work with MEF. Thaks a lot!