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Questions about MEF in LOB

Jan 27, 2010 at 8:38 AM

Hi guys,

continuing with my questions about using MEF for LOB application:

  1. Have it been used for any commercial enterprise-level applications? We are considering using it for a multiple-teams, international, big-size development project - is it ready for this kind of usage?
  2. Currently, we are planning on using CAL, and the preliminary designs/architecture show that it is going to work. What we ultimately want to achieve is that if two teams work independently, but then load their modules into one application it magically discovers different services, data providers, views, business rules and gives the user an impression of a monolithic application. What does MEF provide that CAL does not have? What does it do better?
  3. How stable is the design of MEF? What is your roadmap? Is it going to become part of .NET Framework?