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2008 and 2010 Side by Side

Aug 9, 2009 at 10:52 PM

OK, this is making me crazy.

I need to release my code generator in 2008 because I'm not going to encourage people to put beta software on dev machines. I do it, I can rebuild the box.

But, I also need to use (OK, well, I really, really, really want) (no, actually I need to) use the preprocessed T4 templates in VS 2010 as they cut template development by a huge chunk.

Can I make this work?

Currently my 2010 version is using the Beta 1 version of MEF and I assume it won't pickup the attributes because they are actually different classes (different in the assembly versioning).

If I change this to ref the same libraries as the 2008 version (Preview 6) will I be able to find exports in the 2010 dlls to import into the 2008 dlls.

I may be the only person with a real need to do cross version stuff right now, but the same problem is going to come up in VS 2010 and VNext for many more people, so I'm also curious about what the story is.

Thanks for any advice. I'm hoping the answer isn't a custom catalog, partly becuase my head is not around how that would entirely solve the problem.


Aug 10, 2009 at 9:40 PM

Hi Kathleen,

The CodePlex previews and the .NET-shipped binaries are incompatible, and as you've guessed one will not identify components targeting the other.

For the time being this is just going to be a fact of life, but we're exploring ways around the limitation.