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Metadata Services SetValue method

Apr 22, 2009 at 3:49 PM
I'm in the process of evaluating MEF for use in some of my company's projects.  One of the tasks that we have is an evaluation of the state of unit testing that is available to determine whether we need to provide additional testing to validate the features.  Many open source projects lack sufficient unit testing.

I'm very impressed with the level of coverage that you have provided, it will make it easy for me to get the software approved; however, there is an outlier that sticks out that I would like some more information on if possible.

In the MetadataServices class, there is a SetValue extension method that isn't used anywhere in the samples or unit testing and therefore has a coverage of zero.  Looking through the code, it looks like the method takes an existing metadata dictionary and creates a new dictionary with the added value, leaving the original dictionary alone.

Since there are no samples available, it is difficult to guess when this method is expected to be used.

As I said, the unit testing is quite sufficient so an answer would just be nice to understand a little more about this part of the code.

Apr 22, 2009 at 9:57 PM
MetadataServices.SetValue is currently dead code and it has been removed from our codebase internally, so no need to worry about that guy.