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Community Starter Kit w/MEF

Dec 24, 2008 at 1:47 AM
Edited Dec 24, 2008 at 1:57 AM
I've integrated the MEFContrib's MEFContrib.Library.Web library into the Community Starter Kit (now called the Community Advanced Starter Kit - CASK).   MEF will handle all externally loaded modules while Unity handles DI for all Pages/User controls.

I'd be interested in any feedback/Code review comments from the Gurus in the manner I addressed an issue I ran into (I post a question at the end of this message thread).  Also blogged about HERE

The dynamic nature of CASK (data driven website) is such that I ran into a "Chicken-before-the-egg" scenario.  Under normal situations the ASP.NET page's content is composed after Page_Init(), this permits dynamically loaded controls to be loaded/composed as well.   This is problematic for CASK because during the Page_Init() the following command is executed:

   (Control)Activator.CreateInstance(BuildManager.GetType( class name)) ;

Which requires that the module be loaded or it will crash.   I updated the HttpModule to Compose prior to the page's Page_Init() to handle this which effectively will allow all externally uploaded modules to be available to the Page_Init and configurable via the Module Manager (refactor in progress for MEF).

The Unity Container, also available at Page_Init(), will perform post init processing as currently designed by the MEFContrib library effectively providing DI to all pages and user controls.  Currently *every* control is being "BuildUp" which is not very efficient; I'm looking at creating a policy to narrow the processing down to applicable classes.

Would a post init - secondary Compose() be a bad practice or cause issues?