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worthy code example?

Apr 29, 2011 at 6:03 PM


Can someone point me to a MEF code example where the Interface is in its own project; then, the host and two plug-ins adhere/communicate with the same interface?

I just want to see one working example.  I have tried three code samples so far with no luck.  I want to see one code example to then step through the code and see how all the pieces interact (imports/exports).

MefLook - I tried separating the two projets but couldn't get MEF to instantiate the plug-in class with just a reference to the interface and then adding the reference to the plug-in dynamically.  Code is choking on foreign dependencies of the plug-in.

MefExplorer - Too complex, 20+ classes for a first example

MefStudio - Too Complex

This page here, baby steps.. has everything working out of single .cs file.  Whats the fun in that?

I'll take any help!  thanks!  Meanwhile, I'll keep reading.