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Load Modules in TreeView

Nov 20, 2010 at 10:22 PM

Hi. I want to build a MEF application that has a treeview on the left, in the middle all the lists (e.g. contacts or orders) and on the right the detail views. the first step is to get all my modules in the treeview. i have already written my shell application and my first module. My Shell imports IPartImportsSatisfiedNotification and so i can find my first module in the ModuleCatalog.Modules list. My problem is to get from this modules list to my treeview. i want to build a customer module and so i want to see in my treeview a "customer" entry. later i want that you can open the treeview entry customers and under that you can see specific lists of customers, maybe "all active customers". The Modules list contains ModuleInfo-Objects. But a module info object only contains a typename and a module info. can anybody help me to get from this module info object to my treeview? how can i get specific information about my module from the shell? maybe the name of the module and a description. or all the other treeview entries under the main entry.

hope andybody understoof my english.