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MEF vs Composite Application Block for Windows Forms

Jul 15, 2010 at 6:02 AM

We are currently evaluating between Composite Application Block and MEF to build our .NET applications.
Can someone please guide us on which would be the best option to select when it comes to selecting between the both.
What we require is:
- An extensible Framework for our Windows Applications, that is loosely coupled between the functionality and the UI.- A shell like application, that is available in both MEF and CAB to host individual UI's assemblies developed for various modules and applications.

Would like to understand the risk of one over the other.

I feel MEF is a good way to go as it solves the necessity, but would like to here it from an expert who has worked on both of them. Could you please tell me the advantage of MEF over CAB. 
This is a business critical application that we are building and will require an expert advice on this.

Appreciate if you could reply on this ASAP.

Abishek R Srikaanth