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Getting All the Metadata When Importing Base Inteface

Jul 14, 2010 at 5:06 PM

[I'm using VS2010 with the .NET 4.0 bits plus the ExportFactoryProvider from CodePlex .]

If I import using ExportFactory and a metadata interface which contains a subset of the metadata properties contained in the export, is there any way to then get at the additional metadata properties without instantiating an instance of the exported class (or resorting to "IDictionary<string, object>")? It does not appear that the ExportFactory makes the exported Type publically available.

A related question is: If I decided to resort to using "IDictionary<string, object>" is it possible to use "IDictionary<string, object>" for the metadata interface when using "ExportFactory"? (i.e. should I be able to say "IEnumerable<ExportFactory<MyType, IDictionary<string, object>>"?) It seems to work with "Lazy" but not with "ExportFactory".