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MEF and WAF (wpf Application Framework) - Where's it all heading?

Apr 18, 2010 at 6:12 PM

MEF appears to be a great product with a strong future but where's the glue that ties all of this together? I see the WAF solutions out there but it seems like nobody is giving them much attention. As a developer who's looking to develop a wpf/EF/MEF/MVVM application can someone give me some advice on where to look for code samples? Is WAF the place I should be looking? Surely someone out there can give some high-level guidance to the tens of thousands of developers who are probably wondering the same things as me.



Apr 18, 2010 at 10:19 PM
Thanks Richard

There's a bunch of guidance emerging in the blogosphere around usage of MEF with patterns like MVVM or for building composite apps. In the community, Jeremy Likness ( has been doing quite a bit of posting in the area. Marlon Grech and Mark Smith ( have have also been working on MEF MVVM frameworks. I have also been exploring various approaches as well on cmy blog (

As far as official guidance from Microsoft, we are working with patterns & practices in order to include guidance around using MEF to build composite apps as part of the forthcoming Prism release.

In terms of usage of MEF with Entity Framework, the two are addressing orthogonal concerns, so there should be no conflict In using one with the other.